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How And Why Our Partners' Courses Work

How And Why Our Courses Work You have an important decision to make. The Real Estate school you choose will influence your career for years to come. So how do our partners' courses work and why do we think we have the right way to learn? Read on to find out.

How Do Our Partners' Courses Work?

  • Self-Paced Online Convenience

    Have a busy lifestyle? So do we, so these courses are designed to accommodate real life learning. There is no rushed two day course where you might understand the topic or you might not. These courses are available anywhere in the world, on any device in a self-paced learning environment. Learn when you can, on your time.

  • Learning Reinforcement Activities

    We believe the best way to learn is to review, practice, then test. That is how these courses work. Read through the material, practice with activities and quizzes and then take the final exam for credit. Everything in these courses are designed to help you understand the material and not only prepare you for the exams but prepare you for your career in Real Estate.

  • Easy To Use Technology

    Our partners have invested heavily in developing learning systems that work on all computers and devices. The courses are simple to use and do not require special software or additional tools.

Why Do Their Courses Work?

  • Complete Topic Coverage

    In a rushed classroom environment, the instructor may or may not get to all the topics. What happens if they don't? Good Luck, you are on your own. Our partners' coursework covers all topics thoroughly so you fully understand everything you are required to understand for the exam.

  • Industry Certifications

    Besides meeting the state requirements, our partners earn additional certifications. IDECC and ARELLO are industry leading, National certifications with expertise in real estate and learning environments. Always look for these certifications when choosing your real estate school.

  • Topic Expertise

    We have partnered with the very best in Real Estate Education. From the best-selling real estate textbooks to industry leading online courses, our partners have up to 40 years experience in bringing high quality real estate education to you. If you are looking for courses that are knowledgeable about our industry, these are the courses for you.